selected work: 2017-2019

VIDAL ICE WINE ENGRAVING—Engraving design and art direction for Vidal Ice Wine by
Wines of America's bottle, special gift edition for Yoyo Ma. 2019

CHARM PERSON—Logotype design, branding and feature documentation for demo mobile app Charm Person.
See full documentation here. 2017

CAGE FIGHT LOGOTYPE—Logotype design for event CAGE FIGHT. 2019

NITEFEEDZ TAKEAWAY—Takeaway design for Orla McHardy's exhibition Nitefeedz. 2019

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES—Wine label design for Childhood Memories by Wines of America. 2018 

Field guide illustrations—Field guide illustrations for Brooke S. 2019

FLORAL;CRYPSIS—88-page bilingual publication. Japanese stab bound, risoprinted. Displayed at Printed Matter, NYC. 2019

HI, NO, AI, O—Illustrations for short film Hi, No, Ai O. 2018


how to make the youniverse right—Interactive installation and animation that plays when triggered by contact with the mat. 2017

OTHER PUBLISHING LOGOTYPE— Logotype design, collaborated with John Sampson, for Other Publishing LLC. 2018
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