Need Supply Co.

Custom logotype design for event CAGE FIGHT. 2019

CAGE FIGHT promotional materials—Posters, fliers and original illustrations for the CAGE FIGHT event. 2019 

Vidal Ice Wine engraving—Engraving design and art direction for the glass bottle of
Vidal Ice Wine by Wines of America, special gift edition for Yoyo Ma. 2018

CHARM PERSON—Concept, branding, and short trailer of demo mobile app Charm Person’s features.
See full documentation here. 2017

NITEFEEDZ takeaway—Takeaway design for exhibition NITEFEEDZ. 2018

Tay Ho website redesign—Tay Ho Restaurant rebranding concept and website redesign, focusing on the restaurant's extensive menu. 2018

How To Check On Your Alternate Self—Short video tutorial on how to check on 'You' from an alternate universe,
meant as a companion and sequel piece to Mary Lai's How To Destress. 2019

FLORAL;CRYPSIS—88-page bilingual publication. Japanese stab bound, risoprinted. 2019

HI, NO, AI, O—Key ilustrations and simple animations for the performance Hi, No, Ai O. 2018

Other Publishing logotype—Other Publishing logotype designed in collaboration with John Sampson. 2018

sad to announce this but i'm back online—28-page risoprinted zine. 2018


how to make the youniverse right—Interactive installation and animation that plays when triggered by contact with the mat. 2017

HAPPY ENDING: I don’t want to think about summers—Multimedia installation. 2018

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