Mai-Phuong “MP” Bui is a Vietnam-born graphic designer and artist based in Richmond, VA. To summon them, sing their name(s) in an invocation song, or shoot them an e-mail.

    resume                        

i don’t want to think about summers— mixed-media installation. APR 2018.

VIETNAM  TERROR— in-progress display typeface, created in collaboration with Eric Ngo.

How to Check on Your Alternate Self (from the Parallel Universe)
short “tutorial” for the worried, companion piece/sequel to
Mary Lai’s How to De-Stress. FEB 2018.

how to make the youniverse right
interactive installation: a pillar, a praying mat, protection wards, projection, a ritual.
When your hands touch. When your forehead touches. DEC 2017.

how to make the youniverse right: abandoned temple
objects to save the footprints of
those who chose to partake in the ritual. DEC 2017.

Remedy in the AM— performative poster. NOV 2017.

xuong thinh— typography poster. FEB 2017.

reimagined nom— series of nested poster/6 page publication. MAY 2017.

EYES DOWN, SHOES OUT— type installtion in the men’s bathroom. Pollak building / North Harrison. MAY 2017~AUG 17.